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  Plasticine by candlee

Category Others
Date 2012-12-10 15:36:27
Rendertime 00:03:13
System Intel i7-2600K 16GB Ram
Vray version 2,0
3dsmax version max 2012
Comment classic plasticine

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Banshee wrote: guess we need to have another look at those "low-voters" again. Giving 0 or 1 point without a reason is not acceptable.

Banshee wrote: And Marco needs to fix the ratings ;)

djdesign wrote: I'd suggest taking what looks like a black swirl out. Plasticine is typically uniform in colour with a flat sheen.

Aenzea wrote: This one is underrated and deserves far more than 8.36, great job!

Aenzea wrote: @djdesign : Plasticine is typically uniform... unless you mix two or more colours together. A few seconds of mixing usualy end up with that kind of swirly texture. ;)

geddo wrote: Cool!

1deman1 wrote: kjk

andybgood2013 wrote: shit

melero.1988 wrote: Exellent working. Thanks you.

meodenemr wrote: THANK YOU

hunterdog wrote: Material seems awesome, but when I import the library it's not show. Any hints about?

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