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Complete list of Banshee's materials

Translucent Plastic (orange)
Car Paint metallic blue
Gold - Brushed
Soft Carpet beige
Steel_brushed Rainbow Coating
Titanium LED
Organic, slimy flesh stuff =D
Alien Organic Material
Raw Meat / Flesh
Fur Animal brown
Old Rubber (dirty, translucent)
Wood Bubinga NATURAL Oil-finish
Wood Bubinga Glossy Lacquer
Wood Olive
Copper Wire (Opacity) Procedural
Stainless Steel Lamellas (procedural)
Wire_Mesh (Rings) Procedural
Gold/Brass Ornaments (Rings) Procedural
Glass (Procedural) Red with golden Ornaments
Beast-Pack 01 (4 different Shaders)
Metal - Paint - Rusted (Procedural)
Metal - DEKO - Multicolor
Egyptian Shaders - Clay and Sandstone
Stone - washed - nature and polished
Car Paint BLACK_PURPLE metallic
Car Paint BLACK metallic
Car Paint BLUE-GREEN metallic
Car paint CHAMPAIGN metallic
Car Paint DARK-GREEN metallic
Car Paint GOLD metallic
Car Paint GOLD-RED metallic
Copper (old, used, shiny)
Old Brass Coat (heavy scratched n abused)
Copper plates
Lightning / Cracks / Electricity
LAVA Rock / Magma
Leather (noble, furniture) chocolate brown
Leather (noble, furniture) fine brown
Leather (noble, furniture) fine bright
Leather (noble, furniture) fine black
Steel brushed, golden Shellac
Steel brushed, mechanically polished
Metal oily and dirty
Ocean, green
Pebbles, rough stone
Pebbles (fine stone asphalt)
Scratched rusty metal surface
Tinfoil / Alufolie
Crystals / Kristalle
Copper aged with green patina

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